Introduction ASTM A312 253 MA Welded pipe

ASTM A312 belongs to the austenitic stainless steel family and encompasses Welded steel pipe and straight-seam welded steel pipe designed for high-temperature and general corrosive duty.

Dinesh Tube offers 253MA welded pipes with standard manufacturer test certificates, IBR testing, laboratory testing, and third-party inspection. Draw and expansion, polish, bending, annealed and pickled, sandblasting, and machining are some of the fabrication services available. The advantages of high-quality ASTM A310 stainless steel pipe are high yield strength, tensile strength, temperature resistance, and pressure.

Stainless steel grades ASTM A312 are the most common. The addition of nickel, manganese, and nitrogen to austenitic stainless steels results in a microstructure that provides the alloy with weldability and formability. By increasing the percentages of chromium, molybdenum, and nitrogen in the base alloy, corrosion resistance can be further increased.

The basic austenitic grades, however, are susceptible to stress corrosion cracking (higher percentages of nickel are necessary to enhance the stress corrosion cracking). Heat treatment cannot harden austenitic stainless steel, but it may be work-hardened to high strength levels while maintaining an acceptable level of strength and ductility.

Importance of 253MA

Stainless 253 MA is a high-strength, austenitic heat-resistant alloy with excellent oxidation resistance. The heat resistance of 253 MA is maintained through careful monitoring of micro-alloy additions. Up to 2000°F, rare earth metals combined with silicon provide outstanding oxidation resistance.

Creep rupture strength is comparable to nickel-base alloys thanks to nitrogen, carbon, and dispersion of rare earth and alkali metal oxides. Heat exchangers, kilns, stack dampers, and oven components are just a few examples of components that require high strength at high temperatures.

253 MA has good weldability. Manual metal arc welding (MMA/SMAW) and gas-shielded arc welding are both acceptable fusion welding processes, with TIG/GTAW being the preferred approach. 253MA has a low thermal conductivity and a high thermal expansion, as do all austenitic stainless steels. 

Welding plans should be carefully chosen in advance to avoid distortions in the welded junction. After welding, solution annealing can be used to reduce residual stresses.

253 MA’s main attributes

  • High creep resistance
  • Isothermal and, in particular, cyclic oxidation resistance is excellent.
  • Resistance to combustion gases is excellent.
  • At high temperatures, structural stability is important.
  • Weldability is excellent.

Types of stainless steel 253MA 

– 253 MA Seamless pipe 

ASME SA 312 SS 253 MA Seamless Pipes, UNS S30815 Seamless Pipes, DIN 1.4835 Seamless Pipes

253 MA Seamless Tubes

 ASTM A213 / A213 Stainless Steel 253 MA Seamless Tube, UNS S30815 Seamless Tubing, DIN 1.4835 Seamless Tubes

253 MA Welded Pipes 

ASME SA213 253 MA Welded Pipes Supplier, Alloy 253 MA UNS S30815 Welded Pipes, DIN 1.4835 Welded Pipe

-253 MA Welded Tubes 

DIN 1.4835 Welded Tubing, UNS S30815 Welded Tube, 253 MA Welded Tubing, 253 MA Welded Tubes

– 253 MA EFW Pipes 

ASME SA358 SS 253 MA EFW Pipes, UNS S30815 EFW Pipes, DIN 1.4835 EFW Pipe Exporter

– 253 MA ERW Pipes & Tubes 

UNS S30815 ERW Pipes, DIN 1.4835 ERW Tubing, 253 MA ERW Tubes, 253 MA ERW Pipe

Some characteristics of 253 MA

  • Excellent oxidation resistance to 2000°F
  • High creep-rupture strength

Stainless 253 MA Fabrication and Welding

Standard commercial techniques can easily manufacture stainless steel 253 MA. Stainless steels are harder than carbon steel and tend to work hard quickly. Positive feeds and modest speeds, combined with plenty of cutting fluid, may reduce this alloy’s tendency to work hard.

Conventional welding procedures can be used to join stainless 253 MA. For maximum weld integrity and qualities, filler metal should be of the same composition.

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